Irish Coast Sofa Table

Irish Coast Sofa Table

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Experience the essence of rustic charm with the Irish Coast Small Console Table in Sundried finish. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this table brings together heritage-inspired design and sustainable materials to grace your space with both beauty and purpose.

Heritage-Inspired Craftsmanship: Drawing inspiration from Irish carpentry work of the past, this console table pays homage to a tradition that spans over two centuries. The intricate jigsaw construction, reminiscent of 18th-century Ireland, is an art form that has stood the test of time. Each piece is bench-built, embodying the rich heritage of craftsmanship that characterized that era.

Reclaimed and Recycled Beauty: Crafted from reclaimed and recycled wood, this console table carries a legacy of sustainability. The wood used comes from various sources such as cable reels, bridge beams, pallets, and deconstructed buildings from the Northern Hemisphere. The table not only preserves history but also presents a new chapter in the form of exquisite furniture.

Sundried Ash Finish: The Sundried finish adds a touch of warmth and character to the table. It's a testament to the dedication put into hand-finishing each piece, with up to 18 color applications to achieve the perfect blend of authenticity and elegance.

Functional Design: Featuring two drawers, this console table combines aesthetics with practicality. Whether you're using it to showcase your favorite decor or as a functional storage solution, this table serves your needs in style.

Eco-Friendly and FSC Certified: Rest easy knowing that this console table is FSC certified. It meets stringent environmental and social standards, ensuring that it's crafted with both your space and the planet in mind.

Care and Maintenance: Maintaining the table's allure is simple. Just wipe it with a soft cloth and warm water, or apply natural beeswax to enhance its natural beauty over time.

Elevate your space with the Irish Coast Small Console Table - Sundried. Immerse yourself in the history of Irish craftsmanship while making an eco-conscious choice for your home. Experience the charm of the past and the elegance of the present in one exquisite piece. Place your order now and own a slice of heritage-inspired beauty.



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