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At night, your brain recharges with new strength, your memory gathers all thoughts and ideas, and now your spinal column and muscles can stretch and decompress like never before. The MagniStretch Line is your spine's dream come true, thanks to its ability to stretch and decompress it all through the night. The technological and innovative mattress that ensures exceptional benefits to the spine, thanks to the subtle traction exerted during sleep, with a Medium Firm level of comfort.

Please know that your mattress can be drop shipped anywhere in Canada at no charge or available for in store pick up. 

  • Cozy
  • Medium Firm
  • Thermo-regulating
  • Beathable
  • Stretching Technology
  • Made In Italy

Memoform, Magnifoam Eliosoft, Magnifoam Elioform


A - Lining: Outlast® in the fabric, a thermo-regulating material, creates the perfect microclimate during the night; the natural viscose makes it even softer. The cover can be completely removed and easily washed. The 3D band allows for a better breathability, creating a higher level of wellbeing.

B - The Padding: Memoform perfectly adapts to the silhouette of the body, and offers a pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation. The super soft fiber, soft and breathable, creates a feeling of utmost wellbeing, embracing your entire body during sleep.

C -Level of comfort: The special layer in Eliosoft (2") and Elioform (4 1/2"), built with the Stretch technology, gently stretches your back and decompresses your spine, creating a softer and more embracing comfort.

D - Base layer: The support base, made of an Elioform layer of 4 1/2", is designed to ensure an optimal support for your back.

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