Venice Adjustable

Venice Adjustable

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Introducing the Venice Adjustable Base by Magniflex—a testament to the perfect fusion of German engineering precision and innovative sleep technology. Crafted to provide the pinnacle of well-being, this adjustable base is more than just a bed; it's a sanctuary of comfort and sophistication.

Key Features:

German Engineering Excellence: The Venice Adjustable Base embodies the essence of German engineering. Built with precision and attention to detail, it stands as a testament to Magniflex's commitment to delivering unparalleled quality.

Dual Adjustability: Enjoy a personalized sleep experience with the dual lifting mechanism. Adjust the height of your head and legs independently to find the perfect position that suits your comfort needs.

Night Light Convenience: Navigate your bedroom effortlessly at night with the integrated night light. The Venice Adjustable Base adds a touch of practicality, ensuring a seamless nighttime routine.

Massage & Anti-Snoring Function: Immerse yourself in relaxation with the soothing massage function. Bid farewell to snoring troubles as the anti-snoring function promotes peaceful sleep, ensuring a restful night for both you and your partner.

Pre-Configured Settings, Including Zero Gravity: Benefit from pre-configured settings designed to enhance your sleep quality. Experience the sensation of weightlessness with the Zero Gravity setting, elevating your legs and head to promote a feeling of floating.

Personalized Positioning: Your sleep preferences are unique, and so is the Venice Adjustable Base. Personalize your sleep position to match your comfort preferences, offering you a tailored sleep haven.

Upgrade your sleep sanctuary with the Magniflex Venice Adjustable Base—a harmonious blend of comfort, technology, and design. Personalize your sleep, elevate your well-being.

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