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Kootenai Moon Home Magniflex Mattress SupplierMAGNIFLEX
has been selling mattresses for well over 50 years. Their primary market is Europe but over recent years they have made their way to North America.  They were one of the first companies to offer a vacuum packed mattress for ease of shipping and moving. We are proud to sell these quality mattresses

Kootenai Moon Home Magniflex, Dolce Vita Mattress SupplierDOLCE VITA The distinctive feature of Dolce Vita mattresses is the combination of different layers in Memoform, Eliosoft and Elioform, which offer an extraordinary feeling of embracing comfort. The breathable and thermo-regulating cover in natural Viscose and Outlast® is very easy to remove.

Kootenai Moon Home Magnistretch Mattress Supplier
MAGNISTRETCH Mattress is Patented and developed in collaboration with the Department of mechanical engineering at the University of Zaragoza the inner layers in Elioform and Eliosoft present special laser cuts and shapes that work together to generate our stretching effect.

This innovation guarantees ideal spine support. The padding is in Memoform, while the cover combines natural viscose and Outlast ® to regulate temperature and release excess heat.